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Deck Cleaning

Decks are an important part of your home; they are the setting in which families gather, and guests are entertained.  Cleaning is affordable, responsible, and can restore your deck to an appearance that is like new.

We recommend cleaning the deck at least twice a year prolongs its life and helps it to resist contaminants, as well as keeping it in good condition in the event that wish you to stain it.  Properly cleaned decks are necessary for adequate staining, including an even coat and the proper pH balance.  This includes any wood that’s been outside for two weeks or longer.  Even brand new decks require cleaning; transport and shipping of the wood attracts chemicals that will need to be removed.  This helps maintain the length and health of your deck.

Why Clean Your Deck?

Cleaning your deck is essential for the following reasons:

  • Cleaning removes fungi spores and external contaminants
  • Cleaning removes mildew and black mould stains
  • Cleaning opens pores to maximise the stain
  • Cleaning neutralises Tannic acid
  • Cleaning removes mill glaze
  • Cleaning decks will look better when clean
  • Cleaning increases the resale value of homes
  • Cleaning provides a safe solution to preventing slippery surfaces
  • Cleaning prolongs the life of your deck
  • Cleaning reduces UV exposure and wood rot
  • Cleaning saves you from costly replacement
  • Cleaning rejuvenates your property, taking years off the look of your home

Decks are an investment in your home that makes a difference.  It’s one of the first things people notice when they are viewing a home.   Simple, regular maintenance will add value exponentially to your home for a fraction of the cost of the cleaning.

Why Choose The Drive Cleaner?

We are a Hertfordshire based company with years of experience in professional, affordable deck maintenance. We use the latest rotary pressure technology, which offers optimal cleaning with no damage to the surface.

We can offer one time cleaning or tailor a maintenance plan specific to your needs.

For more information, contact The Drive Cleaner.

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