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Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis court owners know the value of a clean court.  Clean playing courts prevent slipping and injury; they also provide the best setting for optimal tennis performance.  Finally, regular cleaning is the key to keeping your tennis court looking great.

At The Drive Cleaner, our services are comprehensive, with prices tailored to the specifications of the job.  We offer single cleaning services and maintenance scheduling packages, depending on your preference.

When Should I Clean My Tennis Court?

We recommend that cleaning is regularly done to prevent mould and debris build-up.  It’s also essential to clean surfaces prior to lining and painting the court.

Moss can grow fairly easily on tennis courts as they are often surrounded by trees and bushes.  Trees and shrubbery provide shade, but also the environment that is ideal for moss growth.  The damp British climate contributes to this growth process.

The Cleaning Process

We clean tennis courts safely, removing moss and algae without damaging the surface.  A clean tennis court is integral for the best performance, and it needs to be done right. This is a skill that takes years of experience in sports court maintenance.

At The Drive Cleaner we’ll look over your court and check for any faults or damage prior to beginning a job.  This includes a full inspection to determine the level of cleaning needed.  Then we treat the surface, brushing away loose dirt, growth and leaves with tools specifically designed for prepping playing courts.  We also spot treat areas with lichen coverage including the playing surface, around tramlines and run-off areas.

The court is cleared of all debris; the larger weeds are removed by hand. For cleaning, we utilise the latest rotary pressure technology, which is specifically designed to clean thoroughly without the risk of damage to court surfaces.

For more information or to schedule a cleaning, please contact The Drive Cleaner.

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