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Fence Cleaning

Like any wood panelling on your property, fences require regular cleaning from specialists trained to work with a variety of wood fibres.  This is the key to a sturdy, healthy looking, mould free fence.  At The Drive Cleaner, we are cognoscente of surrounding flowers, bushes and trees and diligent about cleaning fences without damaging plant life.

Our Fence Cleaning Process

At The Drive Cleaner, we utilise special attachments to remove stubborn stains, mould and grime without damaging the soft fibres of the wood.  The water pressure used in our fence cleaning process is essential to safely and correctly maintaining the wood.  We never use hot water, which can be detrimental to the wood fibres. Our methods reduce the possibility of damage such as splintering of the wood.

Our cleaning services restore the appearance of your fence and keep your garden looking new.  It also adds to the value of your property, as the surrounding fencing is one of the first things a potential buyer notices.

Why Choose The Drive Cleaner For Fence Cleaning?

At The Drive Cleaner, we can clean and reseal the surface of your fence quickly and professionally, using the right materials and the correct methods.  Our rates are competitive, and cleaning can be scheduled on a one-time basis or set up according to a regular maintenance schedule.

We have years of experience and the expertise to clean your fence panels without damaging the wood fibres. The rest of your property is just as important to us.  We always take care to promote the growth and maintenance of surrounding flowers, trees and plants.

For more information, or to schedule fence cleaning, please contact The Drive Cleaner.

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